September 23, 2021
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How did the idea of Giskard emerge? #4 ✅ Standards

Giskard supports quality standards for AI / ML models. Now is the time to adopt them!

Five star quality standards
Alex Combessie
Five star quality standards
Five star quality standards

It is also about the need for standards.

My initial background is in civil engineering at École des Ponts ParisTech. If you build a bridge, you expect strict construction standards with structural engineers double-checking every calculation. 🌉

My first work experiences were in finance at EY and Natixis. If you want to estimate the fair valuation of a company, you’d better have accounting standards with auditors verifying every line of the books. 🏦

More recently, I worked in software engineering at Dataiku. If you want to release good software, you need to follow coding & testing standards, with senior engineers reviewing your code and QA specialists verifying your test coverage. 💻

My question is: why are there no established quality standards for AI? 🤓

AI is a relatively new industry. It takes time for standards to appear and for practitioners to adopt them. 🐣

The good news is that standards are coming!
🇫🇷 LNE
🌐 ISO 42001