History, Vision & Values

We are AI practitioners: Data Scientists, ML Researchers, Engineers & AI Ethicists. We created Giskard in 2021 because we were frustrated at how difficult it is to ensure AI models' performance, fairness & security. We combine 20 years of experience developing mission-critical AI systems, particularly at Dataiku, Thales & CERN.

We are driven by standards from mature engineering practices: manufacturing and software. Partners of CEN-CENELEC, AVIDML and ISO, we want to bring AI into the age of Quality, Security & Compliance.

In 2022, we raised our first round of 1.5M€, led by Elaia, with participation from Bessemer and notable angel investors including the CTO of Hugging Face. To read more about this fundraising, you can read our announcement.

In 2023, we received a strategic investment of 3M€ from the European Commission to build a SaaS platform to automate compliance with the upcoming EU AI regulation. You can read more here.

Giskard defends the vision of a Responsible AI that serves the business performance of companies & respects the rights of citizens. To embody this mission, Giskard provides AI professionals with a holistic platform to ensure the quality, security & compliance of all AI models.

We believe in good engineering, collaboration & responsible innovation. We are:
  • Passionate about building robust solutions to real-life problems
  • Driven by customer needs and outstanding user experiences
  • Hungry to learn and improve every day
  • Conscious about technology's role in our society
  • Empathetic team players

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We are hiring

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Meet the

Alex Combessie's profile picture
Alex Combessie
Co-founder & CEO

Ex-Dataiku, former strategy consultant at Capgemini
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Jean-Marie John-Mathews's profile picture
Jean-Marie John-Mathews, PhD
Co-founder & CPO

Ph.D. in AI Ethics, former Data Scientist at Thales and Capgemini
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Andrey Avtomonov's profile picture
Andrey Avtomonov
Co-founder & CTO

Ex-Dataiku, former Software Engineer at CERN
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Blanca Rivera Campos's profile picture
Blanca Rivera Campos
Marketing Manager
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Rabah Abdul Khalek's profile picture
Rabah Abdul Khalek, PhD
ML Research Lead
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Diane Bakena's profile picture
Myriam Brouillet
Executive Assistant
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Kevin Messiaen's profile picture
Kevin Messiaen
Software Engineering Lead
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Matteo Dora, Giskard's ML Researcher
Matteo Dora, PhD
ML Research Lead
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Luca Martial
Product Management Lead
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Weixuan Xiao, PhD
Machine Learning Engineer
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Guillaume Sibout
Head of Sales (EMEA)
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Bazire Houssin
Senior Software Engineer
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Henrique Chaves
Software Engineer
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Pierre Le Jeune
Machine Learning Researcher
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Benoît Malézieux
Machine Learning Researcher
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Alexandre Landeau
Date Science Lead
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David Jan Mercado
Senior Product Designer
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Giskard turtle happy with a coffee
We are hiring
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Meet the
Investors of Giskard

Julien Chaumond's profile picture
Julien Chaumond
CTO of Hugging Face
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Sébastien Lefebvre's profile picture
Sébastien Lefebvre
Partner at Elaia
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Charles Gorintin's profile picture
Charles Gorintin
Co-founder of Alan & Mistral AI
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Oscar Salazar's profile picture
Oscar Salazar
Founding CTO of Uber
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Nathalie Gaveau's profile picture
Nathalie Gaveau
Co-founder of Price Minister
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Shéhérazade semsar de Boissésons profile picture
Shéhérazade Semsar de Boisséson
CEO of McCourt Global
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Nick Hernandez's profile picture
Nick Hernandez
CEO of 360 Learning
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Niall Murphy's profile picture
Niall Murphy
CEO of Stanza Systems
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Vincent Huguet's profile picture
Vincent Huguet
Co-CEO of Malt
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Chris Schagen's profile picture
Chris Schagen
Former CMO of Contentful
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Emmanuel Cassimatis' profile picture
Emmanuel Cassimatis
Liaison with Bessemer
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Christine Balagué's profile picture
Christine Balagué
Founder of Good in Tech
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