Vision & Values

We created Giskard because we were frustrated at how difficult it is to ensure the Quality of AI models.
We are former Data Scientists, Software Engineers & AI Ethicists from Dataiku & Thales. We combine 20 years of experience in business-critical AI systems.

We are driven by quality standards from mature engineering practices: manufacturing and software.
Partners of AFNOR, we want to help bring AI into the age of Quality.

We believe in good engineering and collaborative software. We are:
  • Passionate about building robust solutions to real-life problems
  • Driven by customer needs and outstanding user experiences
  • Hungry to learn and improve every day
  • Conscious about technology's role in our society
  • Empathetic team players

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Meet the
Founders of Giskard

Alex Combessie's profile picture
Alex Combessie
Co-founder & CEO
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Jean-Marie John-Mathews's profile picture
Jean-Marie John-Mathews
Co-founder & CPO
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Andrey Avtomonov's profile picture
Andrey Avtomonov
Co-founder & CTO
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Meet the
Advisors of Giskard

Julien Chaumond's profile picture
Julien Chaumond
CTO of Hugging Face
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Christine Balagué's profile picture
Christine Balagué
Head of Good in Tech institute
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Shéhérazade semsar de Boissésons profile picture
Shéhérazade Semsar de Boisséson
Former CEO of POLITICO Europe
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Niall Murphy's profile picture
Niall Murphy
Reliable Machine Learning author
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Oscar Salazar's profile picture
Oscar Salazar
Founding CTO of Uber
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Chris Schagen's profile picture
Chris Schagen
Former CMO of Contentful
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