LLM Evaluation Hub

Collaborative Hub for GenAI Product Owners, Data Scientists & QA teams to control Al Quality & Security risks in one place.

Enabling teams to collaborate
on top of Giskard Open-Source

Giskard Open-source
Giskard LLM Hub
Testing AI models in Python code
AI Quality & Security for LLM applications in one place
Automated & custom tests from your knowledge base
Automated adversarial & performance test generation
Interactive playground to test LLM agents
Secure collaboration with access contols

Generate custom tests from your knowledge base

Automatically generate a tailored dataset from your knowledge base to create performance tests for your LLM case.

Control the quality & security of LLM projects in one place

AI Product teams can manage the risks of all LLM projects by automating the creation of business-specific performance & adversarial tests, and reporting the risk status to all stakeholders.

Deploy GenAI faster with continuous validation

Speed up production deployment through collaborative review of functional and technical requirements, trickling straight into LLM system evaluations.

Interactive LLM agent testing

Automatically simulate production queries that comprehensively test the performance & security of your LLM systems before deploying.
Inspect and annotate production data to be used as new tests for future AI model versions.
Interact with any LLM agent to test new versions and enrich your project evaluation dataset.

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