September 21, 2021
1 min read

How did the idea of Giskard emerge? #3 📰 AI in the media

AI used in recommender systems is posing a serious issue for the media industry and our society

Recommender System
Alex Combessie
Recommender System
Recommender System

It is also about the influence of AI on media.

Like many of you, I spend significant time on Netflix binging on the latest TV show. I also enjoy watching gaming, comedies & engineering videos on YouTube. 🍿

Below, you will find a screenshot of what the YouTube AI chooses to show me on my home page. 🤓

Despite being a data scientist, I have no way to understand why this recommender system (the technical term used for this kind of AI) is choosing these videos for me. I also have no control over changes pushed to this system.

It is a real problem for our societies. You have black-box algorithms which are controlling the access of people to information. 🔒

Sure, this problem existed before, when humans with power were behind the information selection. But it has only gone worse and complexified with AI.

The issue is the lack of transparency to us, the end-users. Learn more on the AlgoTransparency website.