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PyTorchTensorflowscikit-learnGitHubGoogle ColabkagglePandasXGBoostfastaiHuggingfaceKeras pytorch-lightningPytorch IgnitePythonRJupyter NotebookKubernetesKubeflowAmazon Web ServicesGoogle Cloud PlatformMicrosoft Azure

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Join the program to gain recognition for your AI expertise, become a better writer, and get paid.

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Why join the program?

Gain recognition

Your article will be featured on our blog, social media & newsletter, giving you worldwide visibility in the AI community.

Become a better writer

Writing is a powerful skill. We review and spend time with our writers to collaborate on the article together.

Get paid

We value your time & expertise. You get paid $400 for a technical article with over 1300 words and code.

What is the
Write for the Community

This program is for AI Quality experts & Giskard enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge through articles & tutorials. We are looking for writers close to our users: Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and AI Governance specialists.

These articles are published in our Knowledge portal under the Blog or Tutorials section and then featured on our social media and newsletter. Tutorials explain the use case and include code to build & deploy AI models using modern MLOps tools, including Giskard, in combination with open-source Machine Learning or Deep Learning libraries.

How does it work?

1. Apply to become a writer

We want to provide the best experience to writers. You can apply to become a writer through the form at the bottom of this page. We would love to hear about your experience working with AI, your experience using Giskard (bonus), and your experience as a writer (bonus).

2. Agree on a topic & goal

Once we have reviewed your application, we will reach out to you to define a topic & goal for the article. You can pitch your ideas to us or select an existing issue in our GitHub repo for community content.

3. Create an outline

We will create an outline together in a Google Doc. Agreeing on the outline before writing the full article & code is essential to ensure a smooth review process with no surprises.

4. Write & review the article

You can draft the article on the same Google Doc as the outline. One of our team members will comment & add suggestions to the document. We can also schedule pair-writing sessions to collaborate on the article together.

5. Publish the article

We will publish the article in our blog for you. Then, we will add the article to our social media and newsletter. We can also work together to distribute the article on Reddit, Medium, and Hacker News.

6. Get paid

Once your article is reviewed and published, we handle payments through Deel, according to the rates explained in the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I get paid?
We follow this set of rules to reward our writers:
Article < 1000 words → €100
Article ≥ 1000 words → €200
Tutorial with code < 1300 words → €300
Tutorial with code ≥ 1300 words → €400
How can I have ideas about an article to write?
You can select an existing issue in our GitHub repo for community content.
Can I write in languages other than English?
Unfortunately, content published on our blog is currently in English only.
Can I publish an article to the Giskard blog that I have on another website?
No, we only publish original content. All articles pass a plagiarism check.
Can I cross-post the article?
Yes, 1 month after publication, you can cross-post the article on your personal blog or Medium, as long as you can add a canonical link to the original article URL on the Giskard website.
How can we contact you?
If you have a question not covered here, you can contact us on our Discord community or email hello@giskard.ai.

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