Quality Assurance platform for AI models
Open-Source, Collaborative, Self-hosted

Integrates with your favorite Machine Learning tools

Illustration of the easy upload for any Python model

Input your model from your Python environment

Easy upload for any Python model: PyTorch, TensorFlow, Transformers, Scikit-learn, etc.

Evaluate ML models collaboratively

Get instant feedback from business stakeholders on your ML models
Illustration of the collaboration features
Illustration of the exhaustive test suites

Test ML models in seconds

Exhaustive test suites, backed by State-of-the-Art ML research

Deploy tests in your CI/CD Pipeline

Protect your ML models against the risk of regressions, drift and bias
Illustration of the easy test deployment in the CI/CD Pipeline
Illustration of the generation of synthetic data

Generate synthetic data to remove bias

Coming soon with our AI Remedy module