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Emeric Trossat's picture, Head of Data at Webedia

Giskard has become a strong partner in our purpose for ethical AI. It delivers the right tools for releasing fair and trustworthy models.

Alejandro Bonell de Pascual
Data Scientist, Citibeats
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Giskard really speeds up input gatherings and collaboration between data scientists and business stakeholders!

Head of Data, Webedia
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Giskard enables to integrate Altaroad business experts' knowledge into our ML models and test them.

Data Science Manager, Altaroad
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Deliver ML products, better & faster.
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Easy upload for any Python model: PyTorch, TensorFlow, Transformers, sklearn, etc.


Collaborate with business stakeholders with direct feedback & discussion


Exhaustive test suites, backed by State-of-the-Art ML research.


Protect your ML models against the risk of regressions, drift and bias.

Supports data science tools & frameworks you already use

Giskard uses open source protocols, so it's fully portable and extensible

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