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Protect your company against biases, performance & security issues in AI models.

From tabular models to LLMs
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AI Trust, Risk and Security
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pip install giskard[llm]
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AI pipelines are broken

AI risks, including quality, security & compliance, are not properly addressed by current MLOps tools.
AI teams spend weeks manually creating test cases, writing compliance reports, and enduring endless review meetings.
AI quality, security & compliance practices are siloed and inconsistent across projects & teams,
Non-compliance to the EU AI Act can cost your company up to 3% of global revenue.

Enter Giskard:
AI Testing at scale

Automatically detect performance, bias & security issues in AI models.
Stop wasting time on manual testing and writing custom evaluation reports.
Unify AI Testing practices: use standard methodologies for optimal model deployment.
Ensure compliance with the EU AI Act, eliminating risks of fines of 3% of your global revenue.
Giskard Open-Source

Easy to integrate for data scientists

In a few lines of code, identify vulnerabilities that may affect the performance, fairness & security of your model. 

Directly in your Python notebook or Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

import giskard
qa_chain = RetrievalQA.from_llm(...)
model = giskard.Model(
name="My QA bot",
description="An AI assistant that...",
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Giskard Enterprise

Collaborative AI Quality, Security & Compliance

Entreprise platform to automate testing & compliance across your AI projects.
Try our latest open-source release!

Evaluate RAG Agents automatically

Leverage RAGET's automated testing capabilities to generate realistic test sets, and evaluate answer accuracy for your RAG agents.

Who is it for?

Data scientists
Heads of AI teams
AI Governance officers
You work on business-critical AI applications.
You work on enterprise AI deployments.
You spend a lot of time to evaluate AI models.
You’re preparing your company for compliance with the EU AI Act and other AI regulations.
You have high standards of performance, security & safety in AI models.

“Giskard really speeds up input gatherings and collaboration between data scientists and business stakeholders!”

Head of Data
Emeric Trossat

"Giskard really speeds up input gatherings and collaboration between data scientists and business stakeholders!"

Head of Data
Emeric Trossat

"Giskard has become a strong partner in our purpose for ethical AI. It delivers the right tools for releasing fair and trustworthy models."

Head of Data Science
Arnault Gombert

"Giskard enables to integrate Altaroad business experts' knowledge into our ML models and test them."


"Giskard allows us to easily identify biases in our models and gives us actionable ways to deliver robust models to our customers."

Chief Science Officer
Maximilien Baudry

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All those interested in AI Quality, Security & Compliance are welcome!

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